Hybrid v Electric Vehicle: Options For Sustainability Near Somerville, NJ

March 31st, 2022 by

Some trends in the automobile industry are just that.

However, the concept of a sustainable vehicle has gained traction over the years. In fact, the federal government will extend tax credits worth thousands of dollars for a new hybrid or electric-vehicle acquisition.

At Liccardi Mitsubishi, we wish to explain the differences between the hybrid and electric vehicle for your reference. Either way, your reliance on fuel will be reduced if not eliminated. Hence, a cleaner environment outside Somerville.

As it is, we offer a wide selection of used hybrids and electric vehicles at competitive prices, spanning all brands.

Hybrid v Electric Vehicle – Sustainability For Commuting, Errands, Road Trips

The industry is moving quickly towards sustainable powering in the vehicles produced. And in some cases, automakers have taken the leading step in ensuring their hybrids and electric vehicles are assembled in plants powered by hydroelectricity.

Very soon, sustainable powering will become as prevalent as fuel-fired powertrains have been for decades.

So, for an understanding of the outright differences between hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs), browse below for details.


There are two variations to hybrid vehicles.

With the opportunity to charge overnight in Green Brook, the plug-in hybrid uses a “best of both worlds” approach to travel. You can toggle between an all-electric mode, which won’t draw upon fuel reserves. The hybrid mode is a combination of electric and combustion powering.

– For instance, 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid, Electric Vehicle) will deliver up to 74 mpge after a plugged-in charge in Edison, NJ.

The second approach to a hybrid vehicle is the mild-hybrid option. This is the perfect solution for those without the capacity for plugged-in charges. The mild-hybrid powertrain will repurpose spent energy to power the onboard combustion engine during acceleration.

– When sold as used at Liccardi Mitsubishi, Ford Fusion Hybrid sedans afford 43 mpg when traveling through Somerville.

Electric Vehicles

There’s a definite attraction to never needing fuel or oil changes.

With electric vehicles, your plug-in charge will allow for an all-electric range composed of hundreds of miles. And between city and highway mileage, you could earn an astounding 100 mpge no matter where you’re off to.

As mentioned, with EVs there’s a reduced need of regular maintenance stemming from the absence of a combustion engine. And without an engine, there’s more room in the cabin for passengers and cargo.

Servicing will likely be confined to brake systems and tire assortments, per seasons.

The benefit of CARFAX® vehicle-history reports across our used PHEV inventory

By relying on CARFAX vehicle-history reporting, we’re able to single out those used PHEVs with only one previous owner.

With one previous owner, it’s more than likely there was pride in ownership. Maintenance schedules were adhered to and repairs performed without delay. And with such care extended, total accrued mileage might be well below national averages.

Without such knowledge and reporting, there’s no telling what the vehicle went through before it was traded or sold outright to Liccardi Mitsubishi.

So, the value present in our one-owner PHEVs has an appeal all its own.

Liccardi Mitsubishi – Offering Proven, Used Hybrids and Electric Vehicles Outside Edison, NJ

Browse our selection of used PHEVs and EVs from home or visit our local Green Brook-area dealership. While here and with a test drive or two, you might be amazed at the performance to each model featured.

There may also be enticing finance offers to explore.

In all, Liccardi Mitsubishi has worked hard to provide a curated selection of used hybrids and electric vehicles – even those of Tesla and Porsche.