When Should You Get Brake Service?

It goes without saying that having healthy brakes is vital to your safety and the safety of others when you drive. Here at Liccardi Mitsubishi, our service center is dedicated to making sure you get the brake repairs you need, and know when it's time for you to have these services done.

As always, we advise that you check your service manual and see when the right intervals are for your vehicle specifically, but it often depends on your driving habits and a variety of other conditions. There are three major brake services you should know about. First, there's brake fluid. This is use to transfer force into pressure, which helps the brake force so you can stop. We'll check for your fluid levels as well as any leaks that might need to be fixed. You want your brake fluid cleaned at regular intervals as buildup can occur over time.

Second, there's your brake pads. These apply friction to the rotors, and help the wheel stop. They can wear over time and when that happens, you lose stopping power. Finally, there's rotors. These you can see sometimes just behind the wheel of your vehicle and they're responsible for your vehicle's wheel stopping working to apply pressure to stop the wheels.

So when should these be repaired?

If you're noticing and squeaking or squealing noises when you brake, or you feel pulsating from your brake pedal as you decelerate those generally are common warning signs. You might also be able to notice the wear on your rotors by looking through the tires. Also if you feel that your stopping power has decreased, that's an indicator as well.

For drivers here in the Edison and Piscataway areas, our service team can easily attend to your brake service needs. We'll diagnose and repair the issue and have your vehicle back on the road safely. To schedule and appointment, contact us and come by for a service appointment as we help those in Somerville, Bridgewater and Plainfield, NJ with all their brake repair needs.

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