The benefits of a CARFAX® One Owner car go on and on

May 27th, 2022 by

If you’ve been looking for the kind of used car you can count on, here’s a little-known secret: CARFAX® One Owner cars, trucks and SUVs at Liccardi Mitsubishi in Green Brook, NJ. These are used vehicles that are certified by the automotive history specialists at CARFAX to have just one owner. That means they’re more likely to have had consistent maintenance which means they’re more likely to be reliable and last.

Instead of searching all over, find CARFAX® One Owner models here
It’s not uncommon for a smart used car buyer to search exhaustively to find at least one vehicle with all the advantages that come with a one-owner car. But we believe an even smarter used car buyer will simply go online or drive to Liccardi Mitsubishi, not far from Edison and Somerville, NJ and discover our excellent selection of CARFAX® Certified One Owner vehicles. Here, all in one place, are the kinds of cars you’re probably looking for.

That CARFAX® One Owner label can steer you to well-maintained cars

When a car has been certified by CARFAX® to have just one owner, you have a better chance of driving home in a pre-owned car that’s been well-cared-for. People who care for their cars tend to hold onto them. A car with one owner is frequently one that performed reliably and that usually means it received regular, factory-recommended maintenance. After all, that’s what we’ve found is the key to vehicle health and dependability.

A car with many owners often has many problems

As you know, some car owners simply don’t take care of their vehicles. They don’t do regular maintenance and instead “just drive them.” When maintenance is neglected, cars usually wear out sooner and develop issues. Owners who neglect maintenance often don’t get the problems fixed and just sell the car to “let somebody else worry about it.” As a troubled car gets passed from one owner to another, eventually the next owner could be you.

Why we get excited about CARFAX® One Owner cars (And why you should too)

As experienced car dealers, we enjoy seeing the excitement of new car owners. They usually take great care of their new cars, keeping them clean and doing all the recommended maintenance. If they keep that up, chances are the car will perform well and cost less to service. That motivates the owner to keep the car for a while. If the owner sells it to us and it becomes a CARFAX® One Owner car, we can’t wait to tell you about it.

A CARFAX® One Owner might be coming off a lease and that’s good

Sometimes the only previous owner of a CARFAX® One Owner vehicle was a dealer who leased the car to a customer. Any lease contract requires that the car gets regular, factory-recommended maintenance because the dealer wants his leased vehicle to be reliable and hold its value. If that car comes to us as a CARFAX® One Owner car, that’s a vehicle with a great maintenance history and it’s one you should take a good look at.

CARFAX® One Owner cars are worth paying a little more for

We invite you to shop for a CARFAX® One Owner model in our online inventory and better yet, take one for a spin. We typically have a good selection of CARFAX One Owner cars so we’re a very good place to shop. Find one you like and set up a test drive soon at Liccardi Mitsubishi, not far from our neighbors in Piscataway and Bridgewater in Green Brook, NJ.