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A CARFAX® One Owner car gives you a better chance at a great car

Many people who understand the unique value of a pre-owned car also understand that a used vehicle that's had just one owner is more likely to be reliable. At Liccardi Mitsubishi in Green Brook, NJ, we're proud to offer something we believe is even better than other "one owner" used cars: CARFAX® Certified One Owner cars. That means they're certified by the vehicle history experts at CARFAX to have had just one owner and one owner only.   

A CARFAX® One Owner car is more likely to have a good service history

To see why that's true, imagine you've just bought a new car. It runs great and it looks beautiful: You love all the compliments you keep getting. If you're like many new car owners, you take great care of that new car, keeping it clean and doing all the recommended maintenance. This car is pretty close to perfect and you want to keep it that way. The good maintenance habits you start can set a pattern that often continues for years.

That kind of very positive car care is often connected with one-owner cars. Owners who take good care of a car consistently end up with a car they can rely on and they're more likely to keep it for a while. That profile matches many CARFAX® One Owner models. When you as a buyer know a vehicle had only one owner, chances are better the owner had a positive experience because they took good care of the vehicle.

CARFAX gives you a peek at a vehicle's history

While we can't guarantee a CARFAX One Owner vehicle was well-maintained, one-owner models are often associated with better care. At our dealership near Edison and Somerville, NJ, you can also look at the CARFAX Vehicle History Report™ to see a sampling of the service and maintenance that was done. That record doesn't usually show all the car's service events, but it gives you a clearer picture of a vehicle's past. 

A car with multiple owners might have multiple problems

When a car has been passed around to one owner after another, there's a chance that car developed some mechanical issues that weren't resolved. People tend to hang on to cars, trucks and SUVs that are reliable and relatively trouble-free. People tend to sell troubled cars fairly quickly, often without getting the problems fixed. A car that goes from one owner to another is probably a good car to stay away from.

With just one owner, a car was probably driven with a more consistent style

Every driver has a little different driving style. Some drivers are careful, traveling close to the speed limit and avoiding erratic driving. Other drivers push a car hard, starting and stopping quickly. The more hard-charging style can obviously wear a car out faster. The combination of different styles can also take a toll. With a CARFAX One Owner model, the car is more likely to have had one driving style consistently and that can be better for a car. 

Our CARFAX® One Owner cars are worth looking for 

If you want to get the extra value and reliability you're looking for in a pre-owned car, look carefully for our CARFAX® Certified One Owner vehicles. You might pay a little more, but that's an investment we believe is well worth making. Take a look at our CARFAX One Owner models online and test drive your favorite soon at Liccardi Mitsubishi, not far from Piscataway in Green Brook NJ.

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