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Used Hybrid, Electric Vehicles Featured Near Somerville, NJ

At Liccardi Mitsubishi, we offer a wide selection of used hybrid and electric vehicles across relative brands.

In fact, it happens to be the most eclectic, used inventory solely dedicated to hybrid and electric vehicles near Green Brook.

Offered is a Wide Array of Used Hybrid, Electric Vehicles at Liccardi Mitsubishi

There are distinct differences to the used hybrid and electric vehicles (PHEVs) offered between Somerset and Middlesex counties. It all depends upon the level of electrification to each. Though with many hybrids and electric vehicles, offered are streamlined cockpits and often luxury, too.

While some brands are well ahead of the pack concerning electrification, it deserves mention the unique differences of hybrids and electric models.

Hybrid Models

The term "hybrid" denotes the ability to plug-in or use of a mild-hybrid powertrain. As said, some brands might have limitations to their respective, electrified lineups.

In general, your plug-in hybrid requires a plugged-in charge - at some point - to earn miles fuel free or hybridized. In this, lessened are emissions released and fuel consumed.

For those Green Brook families living in garden-apartment complexes, a plug-in charge might be difficult to secure. This is when the mild-hybrid vehicle is truly worth its weight. There's never a need of a plugged-in charge, given the powertrain likely converts spent energy into power when accelerating.

For a brief sampling of these hybrid brands and models offered as used, browse below:

  • Ford Fusion Hybrid sedans will deliver 43 mpg traversing Somerville streets.
  • Lexus CT 200h hatchbacks harbor a 1.8L, inline four-cylinder engine for 40 mpg on 287.
  • Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring SUVs offer a ten-speed transmission coupled to the 3L, six-cylinder hybrid engine.

Electric Vehicles

An electric vehicle (EV) will never require fuel or oil changes, with regular maintenance limited to brake systems and tires.

With an overnight charge, you're guaranteed an all-electric radius of several hundred miles. Emissions are non-existent.

And with our used EV selection, you'll know each model offered has been proven.

At present, the following used EVs are available just outside Edison:

  • Tesla Model S 60D sedans offer the lucky driver up to 102 mpge when on the Parkway.
  • Tesla Model Y Performance SUVs harbor all-wheel drive and one-speed automatic transmission.
  • Porsche Taycan Turbo S sedans lend 75 mpge during highway traveling.

The Benefit of CARFAX® vehicle histories confirming the value of one previous owner

As an added benefit to the used PHEVs we offer, our reliance upon CARFAX® vehicle-history reporting highlights those models with only one previous owner.

In this, it's more than likely the model was cared for and maintained properly, with repairs effected immediately. Bear in mind, both hybrids and electric vehicles don't require all that much upkeep. Batteries are sealed in most vehicles, so there's never an issue or need of servicing.

With used vehicles with too many previous owners, there's no telling the abuse and usage incurred. Mileage might not tell the full story.

Liccardi Mitsubishi - Your Used Hybrid, Electric-Vehicle Headquarters Near Edison, NJ

At Liccardi Mitsubishi, you may browse our used inventory online or simply stop by and check out our selection in person.

While here, test drives may be taken and exploration of finance offers related to your used PHEV curiosity.

You may also contact us for more information on the benefits of owning a sustainable hybrid or electric vehicle outside Somerville.

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